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Ruby on Rails is a preferred technology for startups, though it has also attracted many top tiers. The list of companies that use Ruby on Rails includes Basecamp, Airbnb, Shopify, Goodreads, Kickstarter, Hulu, and others. In other words, Rails is something that you can undoubtedly describe as “ready for the enterprise”.


RoR leverages the advantages of the Ruby programming language. Its useof English-like syntax and common language feels so native and logical that some parts of the code read like English declarations.The simple and readable syntax enables Ruby developers to do more withless code. That readability also makes Ruby almost self-documenting. Thisrelieves the developers’ burden of writing out separate comments or help text.

Faster development

Ruby on Rails minimizes the website development time by 25-50% as compared to other popular web frameworks. Sometimes it’s possible to have an MVP ready to go online within hours. Web development with Rubyon Rails is faster due to the object-orientation of Ruby, the lean code base,modular design, extensive open-source code developed by the Rails community, and a wide range of ready-to-use plugin solutions for feature development.

Easy code maintenance and updates

Ruby on Rails is known for its stability and predictability. Modifying the existing code and adding new features to a site are easy. This is particularly valuable for long-term projects and startups. If you need to update an application or to refactor its code long after it was developed and deployed, the Rails conventions will help the new employees step up and pick up on everything quickly.


Ruby on Rails presents good saving opportunities. If your group is on a budget, you probably wish to avoid the licensing costs of conventional languages, especially if needed on various devices at different locations. RoR is free to use by an individual or a corporation. It can run on the free open-source Linux and works well with many free web servers and databases.your application can be developed, deployed, and maintained by different developers whose rates mayvary widely. RoR’s ability to accommodate changes easily further saves time and money.

Quality product

RoR saves time and money while ensuring high quality. Its maturity means fewer risks. The developers can more easily build websites that follow the principles of good development. Thanks to available high-quality libraries, they don’t have to write boilerplate code every time. Instead, they can concentrate on discovering your business needs and building a better product for you. RoR also promotes testing automation, which helps deliverbetter software. And finally, being friendly to web designers in terms of templating system, RoR also helps make the web apps and sites more appealing.

Suitable for all business industries

Ruby was intended to be a general-purpose solution, and Ruby on Rails is a full-stack framework that covers both front- and back-end design. It’s truethat Ruby's community has been focused primarily on web development from the very beginning. However, it has grown more diverse over the years. They are using RoR programming for various purposes (although with varying success), including, but not limited to, advertising, back-end formobile applications, content management systems, e-commerce and e-learning, FinTech, marketplaces, social networks, science, etc.


Empower Your Business with RUBY Development.

We offer RUBY web development for all sized companies to help boost your bequest systems to function equivalent to the latest technologies.

Our focus is on delivering value to our clients with the help of high-quality development. We are based in Vietnam and believe our small focused teams can efficiently solve your problems. We will be your one and only team.

10 years of experience
Senior Ruby Developer

Nguyen Dinh Hung

He has held positions as a full-stack engineer and leader. Experience of collaborating mainly with Japanese client companies. Participated in projects such as Jupiter Japan, Iole, Saitama Prefecture
10 years of experience
Senior Ruby Developer

Nguyen Van Duyet

10 years of programming experience. He has held positions as a full-stack engineer and leader. Experience of collaborating mainly with Japanese client companies. Participated in projects such as Kanamic and Tsutaya
10 years of experience
Senior Ruby Developer

Nguyen Quang Anh

10 years of software development experience. Development and operation of a DB system with 50 million users and 800 million records.
8 years of experience
Senior BrSE

Mai Hong Tham

8 years of experience in working with Japanese client companies. Japanese Language Proficiency Test N1 certification. Participated in more than 50 projects of various forms and scales such as Softbank, Sony, Panasonic, DoCoMo, IO Data, Hitachi, etc


Ruby on Ring JSC is company specialize in Ruby development.
We provide Ruby developer for Labo Development, fixed price project. With 30 Senior Devs, we confident that we can deliver quality product to you.
E-commerce sites

The convenient modular programming framework facilitates building relevant features. It provides a range of supporting tools that accurately meets standard business requirements. These may include numerous uploads and updates (e.g., product images and descriptions), price algorithms, imagery processing like changing sizes and cropping, etc

Content sites

If a website focuses on creating large volumes of reading material or the addition of audio or video files, RoR ensures fast and easy uploading procedures that make the navigation easier for both users and website managers.

Social networking sites

Ruby on Rails is not by default suitable for large-scale web apps with millions of concurrent users. Even so, it offers plugins for resolving problems that relate to social media networking and membership websites.

Database solutions

The Rails framework was designed for database-backed web apps as a response to heavy web frameworks like J2EE and the .NET framework. RoR offers an innovative database model and customized technology solution for cost-effective website construction.

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